Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First Family Picture

Just wanted to share our first family photo with you guys! Our baby boy is already a month old today! We can't even believe how fast the time has gone. Before we know it we'll be sending him off to college....Enjoy!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sleepy Boy

Just had to post this picture of Lando (as my sister Ashley and her boyfriend like to call him). He has started to show his little personality and it is most evident when he sleeps. He's always gotta have a hand or an arm across his face to sleep away! How ridiculously cute!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finally Some Time...

We are so sorry that is has been so long since we've updated our blogs but obviously we've had a few tasks on our hands. Our little baby boy is absolutely perfect and is the best baby ever. He wakes up almost like clockwork at 3am, 6am and 9am to eat and then goes right back to sleep (minus the occasional night when he wants to stay awake and just hang out with mommy!). He is over 9 lbs now and seems so much bigger than when we brought him home from the hospital three weeks ago. (It feels so much longer than that!) He just fits in so perfectly with our little family and Mike and I couldn't be happier or prouder than to be his parents.

Being a new mommy, I think I have had it pretty easy so far. Although people have told me not to hold my breath as babies can change at any given day. But I feel so fulfilled being able to take care of Landon every day and each day brings something new. He already can hold his head up on his own and can pick him self up with his arms when he's laying on Mike's chest. He is very very alert (when he's actually awake) and two of his favorite things to stare at is Mike's University of Michigan fleece blanket and our Dominican flag that hangs in our living room. I like to say that its because he's his daddy's son and will love Michigan football and that he likes the flag cause he already knows he's a missionary. But it's probably more that the colors and shapes are really appealing to his developing sight.

I wouldn't be the photographer mom that I am if I didn't take a BAZILLION photos of him, so below is a little photoshoot I did of him on his 2 week birthday :) ENJOY!!!!