Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my boy.


i found my favorite picture of the boy. it says so much about him. my shy guy with such independence. but he needs to be covered with love and held within boundaries. even when he says, "i don't like you, mom," his eyes really say, "hug me. i really need it."

such imagination and wonder. he can play by himself for hours. literally. no need for intervention. but then a little head will peek around the corner, just to make sure we're still there, and he goes back to playing.

he acts so tough. people look on the outside and see an awnry little kid with attitude. but if you look inside, you see an incredibly sweet soul, trying to figure out just who he is.

my little guy. so complicated at the ripe little age of three. yet so simple to fall deeply in love with his complicated-ness.