Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday that was just a routine checkup. It looks as if Landon is a little over 5 pounds and is growing at a steady rate. He measured my tummy and said that I was right on track as well. We listened to his heart and it was beating strong. This appointment made everything a little more real as we discussed what I was wanting out of the birthing experience. We discussed pain relief, labor coaching, who I want in the room and other things associated with the exciting day that is approaching. We also have our first birthing class tomorrow night which should make things feel a little more real and also help me feel a little more prepared.

The really exciting thing is that Mike built me a changing table. It is SOOOOO cute and way better than anything we could have bought. By him building it, we saved about $30.00 as well. He let me pick out paint colors and even put on this cute little decorative border. I walk past it and just look at it imagining the MANY times our little guy will be laying on that table with a stinky diaper. I don't think I've ever been more excited for anything in my whole life. The pics are below!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Nashville and Timmy

Visiting Nashville was a last minute trip that Mike and I wanted to take so we could go see his younger brother, Tim. Tim is currently living in Nashville and getting plugged into the Christian music scene. You can see him at and here some of his great songs. We hadn't seen his new apartment since he moved in in January and we didn't know when else we could given his gig schedule and our impending new arrival. So we hopped down there for the weekend to hang out with Timmy and see a bit of Nashville.

We went to the Nashville Zoo and walked around for about 5 1/2 hours (yah...hello swollen ankles). It was a ton of fun and what an odd group of the three of us "grown-ups," no kids with us, walking around looking at EVERY exhibit. That's right, we didn't miss even one. We did go into downtown Nashville on Sunday, but just to go to Tim's church at The Globe. I'd like to visit again and maybe hit up a couple of the karaoke places!!!! Enjoy the pics.

Me and Timmy

HUGE blue birds at the Nashville Zoo

Mike and I in front of the elephant exhibit

Baby Camel

Brotherly love, Mike and Timmy hangin' out

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Week 32

Let the puffy face begin! Yep, I've finally started the "water weight" phase. I can't believe what a difference there is in my face and extremities in just a few weeks. But I just wanted to give you a quick update. We had an appointment May 2nd with our American doctor and she says that everything looks great. We listened to Landon's heart and she took a couple measurements and all was well. She did mention not to adjust the due date any, as babies grow at different rates during the last trimester. She basically just said, "He's going to come when he wants to come." Only a baby and already has his mama's personality! :)

This week is a milestone of sorts: Babies born after this time tend to do well even if they are premature. Nearly 10 percent of babies are born before week 37, when they officially come to term. At 32 weeks, all major organs are functioning except the lungs, which may need further time to develop. But our little one doesn't exactly look like a rosy cherub--he weighs about 4 pounds, and his thin, wrinkly skin hasn't filled out with the layers of fat that develop later. Luckily, in many cases, all he'll need is some time in an environmentally controlled isolette to add some of the fat he will need to regulate his body temperature. But let's hope he's not born for several more weeks!