about me

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be many things - a dancer, a soccer player, a daycare owner, an art teacher - but more than anything I wanted to be a writer.  I always wrote things for assignments in school and I kept a diary most of my life but it wasn't until we moved to the Dominican that God gave me something to write about: life as foreigner in a foreign land, passionate about loving all of His children across the globe.

There is nothing that drives me like bringing Christ's hope to the hopeless.  About bringing justice to God's chosen.  Fighting for His littlest loves.

My husband and I have begun a journey to bring awareness to the orphan epidemic in this country and on this island.  We are fighting for them - fighting to give them a home.  Above all we want them to know they are sought after by the Creator of the Universe because they are worth it, deserving, cherished, loved, adored and a child of the One True King.  Join us on our journey to making Hope House a reality.  www.hopehouseintl.org

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