Thursday, November 13, 2008

Indiana+The Diedrichs+Beautiful Farm=Fall Fun

We had the chance to go see the Diedrich family on our visit to Indiana. This family means so much to us and it is always so much fun to be around them. Sevgi and Dan have taken Mike and I in as their own kids and Lando as their grandchild (although they are awfully young to have a grandchild!) And their three kids Taylor, Mitchell and Sam are just like our younger siblings. The farm they live on is SOOOOO beautiful and I of course took advantage of that as soon as we got there. The environment alone makes the photos so beautiful! Enjoy!

Landon was VERY fascinated with the horses...the horses just liked nipping his fingers :)

Staring at water...his favorite thing in the whole world

Lando was NOT a fan of the leaf pile

My sweet boys

The baby and his Momma

The Diedrich Farm, how serene

Cruiser the Horse