Sunday, July 26, 2009

4 Years!!!!

July 15th was Mike and I's 4 year anniversary! We couldn't even believe it. Time has flown by so fast and we've really just fallen more in love with each other every year! We don't generally do gifts (usually because of lack of time given that our anniversary falls in the middle of our busiest time) but I was home not feeling very well and I got a little knock on our door. And who was there but a man holding a ridiculously beautiful bouquet of Lillies. Oh my goodness they were so beautiful and they smelled so wonderful. I was so surprised. What an awesome husband!!!!

I ended up having the worst migraine of my entire life that night and ruined Mike's plans to take me to dinner. He had found a babysitter and covered all of my bases with work! But we did end up getting to go to dinner that Friday and we went to TGIFridays!!!! It is my favorite restaurant in the states and it doesn't disappoint here in the Dominican Republic either! It was so wonderful to have this time together and to celebrate four amazing years of marriage.

We started dating in 2003, we got married in 2005, we had Landon in 2007 and Nohemi will be born in 2009. Six great years of life together!!!!! I love you, Mike! (I'll post a couple pictures from dinner when I have time)

Monday, July 20, 2009

21 weeks

I am officially pregnant! 21 weeks to be exact. If I just looked a little chubby before, I now have a definite baby belly. And man am I uncomfortable. I am carrying so differently with this little one and I can feel the difference in my back. My neck and back are aching quite a bit. But I am just ALL belly. Luckily, I haven't seen much of a difference in my behind or my thighs which actually got pretty large during my pregnancy with Landon. And the funny thing is, I look less pregnant in the mornings. How does that happen?

She's a bit more active and her kicks are stronger but it is nothing like Landon was. She is for sure a lot calmer. I felt like I had a little soccer player in my tummy with Landon.

We have also decided on a name....Nohemi Ruth!!!!! Woo hoo!!!! We love, love, love it. Nohemi is a latina name which we really wanted this time around (and is also the name of one of Mike's Mom's good friends from Peru) and Ruth was my grandma's name who passed away this spring. In case you're not Latino you pronounce it No-em-EE. The accent is on the last syllable. But for all of you Spanish-challenged folks out there, we are going to call her Emi for short.

We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I'll probably update more later.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's a What?

We went to the 3-D Sonogram place today with the sole purpose in mind of finding out what this baby actually is. Quite honestly, I am sick of calling it "it." The baby barely moved the whole time except for a few little adjustments and I was getting worried that we weren't going to be able to see anything. Not another disappointing trip. ugh. So I started eating some chocolate (wives tale here in the Dominican) and sure enough a few minutes later, little baby Braisted started bouncing around. The doctor looked and looked and looked and couldn't find a little boy part. I moved to different sides to get different angles, she moved that little stick all over my belly and no matter what angle, there was no "pee pee" (as Landon likes to call it). So she finally said, "Now I can't be totally sure but I really think its a girl. Where I can see that there should be a penis, there is no penis." I teared up immediately. Seriously, a girl? Could this really be happening? A girl born from a Braisted?????

But it was true, we could see between the legs and what was clearly visible at 14 weeks with Lando was definitely not there. We are going to go back in a couple weeks when I'm somewhere between 22 and 24 weeks to get a 100% confirmation but honestly "the lack there of" was enough confirmation for me. So I'm calling it "her." Even, if the verdict gets changed in a couple weeks....she'll be a she for a couple weeks anyway. But no worries, I'm not rushing out and buying anything pink just yet.