Friday, December 20, 2013

24 weeks

Four weeks have come and gone and suddenly I am working towards the third trimester.  The biggest change this month was the introduction of the rest of our family being able to feel our little guy moving in my belly.  Landon, by far, is the most excited about this new development.  I have never seen a little boy so excited about an unborn brother!  It makes me smile.

The other amazing thing is that I went two whole weeks without vomiting.  This is big, people.  I have some renewed energy (with the help of a daily afternoon nap), I can pretty much each anything without having any food aversions and overall I just feel a ton better.  What a relief.

I took two weeks of vacation off of work and have been home with the kids while they are on Christmas break.  We have done a lot of crafting and playing and especially building with Legos.

The weather has been amazing (not too many people in the States are setting the sprinkler out for their kids in December) and I am really soaking in this time as a family.  It won't be long before our family takes on a whole new dynamic of adding a third child and all the craziness that comes with it.

I am getting anxious to meet our little guy.  I am also moving into crazy, nesting mode and have begun to plan out how we are going to fit him in Landon's room.  It still hasn't totally sunk in that I am going to have two sons, three kids.  Feeling completely, totally and overwhelmingly blessed.

See you next month!