Friday, September 28, 2007

Play Time

Just thought we would put a short video of Landon playing on here. He is giggling all of the time now and loves his play time. He is so much fun, God has truely blessed us. Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm 3 months old!

I'm three months old today. Three months ago today, my mommy started having contractions at 5:30 in the morning. I didn't like them very much. She got up, took a shower, ate some breakfast and watched the morning highlights on ESPN. Around 7:30 the contractions that were making us both VERY uncomfortable made Mommy think that the time might have come. So she very quietly woke Daddy up and told him that he should probably get ready. Mommy called Dr. Bruneau and told her that the contractions were very strong and 8 minutes apart. Dr. Bruneau said to get to the hospital. So we took a little drive to Baptist East and Mommy and Daddy were on the phone the whole time. Lots of people were waiting for me to arrive.

We got to the hospital about 9 am and they hooked me up to a bunch of monitors. Nothing serious, they just wanted to make sure that me and Mommy were ok. Mommy told daddy to call Aunt Vicki and Aunt Teresa and see if they could come to the hospital. Mommy's parents were on vacation and Daddy's parents were far away. She said she needed someone else to be there with her and Daddy. So Aunt Vicki came (she's been through this before) and helped mommy through some contractions. Daddy had to get up and out of his seat almost every minute. I was coming. By the time mommy was 6 centimeters dialated (whatever that means) she couldn't take it anymore. Those stupid contractions were too painful because they broke her water. I was no longer swimming. I knew something was up. So another doctor came in, one that I didn't know and he put something in Mommy's back. She relaxed A LOT more after he left. But I kept getting pushed lower and lower.

Dr. Bruneau was called in at about 4:30pm, not even 12 hours later because the nurse noticed a little problem. My head was stuck. You know us Braisted boys, we have big heads. Mommy's pelvis was too little but she really wanted to have me naturally. So Dr. Bruneau let her take three big pushes to see if I would come through. But as hard as she pushed, my big 'ol head only got more cone-shaped. So that meant mommy needed surgery. She was a little scared and a little disappointed but she only wanted me to be safe. So Daddy put on his space suit and we headed to the OR.

It wasn't long after that that I saw a light, I felt some hands and pretty soon I was cold. "Put me back," I said. I missed my little bedroom. I let out a cry so that Mommy knew I was ok and then I just opened my eyes and looked around. So many faces and voices I didn't recognize. But they seemed nice and they were keeping me warm, I liked that. I have to admit, it was kind of nice to get all that goopy stuff off of me that I've been sitting in for 9 months. It didn't make me look very attractive.

All of a sudden, with all of these unfamiliar voices around, I heard one that I recognized. He talked to me a lot, especially in the mornings when Mommy and him woke up. I don't know what he looked like though, will I still know it's him? And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him. He had this big, black thing in his hand that kept flashing light in my eyes. But then he put it down and the nice lady handed me to him. He smiled. He said hello. Ahhh...a voice that I know. I knew he was my Daddy. He walked a little ways and then he brought me around the blanket that was being held up. And I hear, "Hey baby Boy. Mommy loves you." Mommy? I hear you mommy, where are you? Then Daddy put me on her chest. The heartbeat that I had heard for 9 months sounded so different from the outside, but it is oh so familiar. I saw her face. It was a little blurry because of that aweful stuff they put in my eyes but I could smell her and I could hear her fine. That was my Mommy. I guess as long as she was around, I didn't mind leaving my little bedroom.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our little Dominican

Just had to post this picture. Mike, Landon and I were on the porch watching a storm roll in and he just looked so content to be in the DR with us. Love it.

Wanna Roll?

Well I guess they don't stay little forever. Our boy has started to roll over now. During tummy time yesterday he decided he would rather be on his back so he squirmed around until he made it over. Mom was able to catch the third roll on tape so we have included that video. I guess pretty soon he will be crawling over to us! What a joy little ones are!