Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Man

It's hard to believe but our little guy is two. Every hour of today I was running through my head what I was doing and where I was two years ago. What an exciting day it was. Finally, at 5:15 our little guy came into this world, only to make us the happiest people on Earth. Two years ago, he was 19 inches long and 8 pounds. Today he is 33 1/2 inches tall and weighs 28 pounds. He speaks and understands two languages and has lived in a foreign country for his entire life. Pretty incredible.

I'm pretty tired, so I only have the energy to post one picture from tonight's "party." Party meaning Landon, Mike, the dogs and I...some balloons, cake and presents. But I promise there will be more, including video.

We love you, little Landon, you make every day just a little bit brighter (and a little bit more challenging!). :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

16 weeks

Hard to believe it but I am already 4 months pregnant. The belly hasn't changed too much, a little more round maybe. The baby is moving, not a ton, but enough so I don't worry. We have an appointment on Tuesday and hopefully we will be able to see what the sex of the baby is! The Dominican women ALL say its a girl (the way I'm carrying, how I'm so sick, the way my body looks...) and they also say I need to eat two chocolate bars before we go to have the ultrasound so the baby will have lots of energy and move so we can see what "part" it has! So funny.

"dink" "dink"

"dink" translated means sink.

Landon's new favorite INDOOR activity. He sits there and fills up a container and dumps it out and fills it up and dumps it out and repeats this forever and ever. Well, until he decides to dump one out all over the bathroom floor, then mommy says all done.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Water Boy

I was just looking through some photos deleting and clearing space and what-not....and came across these photos of Lando and just had to post them. They instantly made me smile. There is no happier boy than Landon in water. What an incredible blessing children are.