Monday, October 29, 2007

The Digs

We had about 10 days here where we didn't have a team here and Mike and I did what we do best...renovation. We decided to give the house a little facelift as it needed it VERY badly. No more pukey peach walls. We still have Lando's room and the bathrooms left, but we have 10 more days here after this last team leaves. The Dominican Republic was our inspiration. We're getting it ready for visitors, so you better start booking your tickets now :)

Mike and I's bedroom

Hallway, never did I think I'd paint a room blue!

Living area


Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm 4 months Old!

That's right people, I'm officially 4 months old! Can you even believe how cute I've gotten?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Are babies supposed to sleep this much?

Had to post this picture. This is classic Landon. Whenever anyone asks what Landon is doing, I always answer, "Dormiendo." What can I say, our little guy takes after his parents!

Little Aguila

That's right, our little guy went to his first Dominican baseball game! The Cibao Eagles. The team that is here right now are sports finatics so we were able to go to a Pro game with them. We even saw Jose Lima! There were several American pitchers there too who are training in their off-season. Poor guys, lonely and in a foreign country while their families are in the US. But just wanted to post a couple pictures cause he did SO great! Enjoy!!!

Mom, dad and Lando watching the game

Ooooo...Mom did you see that play?


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Landon Update

Our little guy is getting so big. We can hardly believe it but he is already 16 weeks old! Here are some things about him at this stage in his life:

-He loves to spit and blow bubbles

-He is drinking between 6-7 ounces of milk at every feeding

-He eats every 2-3 hours

-He is 23 1/2 inches long (we don't know how much he weighs, we're looking for a scale)

-The other night he was crying and was saying, "Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma"

-He loves to watch baseball on TV with his Papi

-He can play by himself for about 45 minutes at a time without fussing at all

-He is sleeping through the night from about 9:30pm-7:00am...he'll wake up, eat, then go back to sleep until 9:30am

-He is extremely ticklish and laughs often

-He has a tooth on the bottom that is close to the surface, probably another week and it will poke through

-He ate in a high chair for the first time on Sunday and thought he was the coolest thing since sliced bread

He is so much fun at this age and we're looking forward to watching him change in the next few months. We can't wait for our family and friends in the states to see how different he is from when they last saw him in August and September.