Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not a Baby Anymore

We did it! We buzzed Lando's hair. And I hate it (only because it makes him look too grown up!) But he does look really, really cute. I took these pictures quick this morning because he was in a really crabby mood (see pic 1) and just wanted to show everyone that he's not a little baby anymore! :(

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sad Day

Our little guy, in fact our family, seems to not be able to be healthy since we've been back to the Dominican.  We've had everything from colds, to chest colds, strep throat, migraines, double ear infections and NOW our little Lando has croup.  We went to the doctor yesterday and she described it as "like" bronchitis, but to me I just know they don't have a word for croup.  I only know of it because I got it quite a bit when I was young and so did my younger sister Abbey.  So now Landon is on an antibiotic regiment, tylenol for fever, a "chest pounding" regiment where we have to loosen up the junk in his lungs, AND we have to do a nebulizer treatment three times a day.  When we started his treatment this morning, I had to snap a pic.  It made me so sad to see just this little mask on his face.  I now have a VERY small glimpse into what the moms out there have to see when they have preemies or sick babies.  I have more respect and sympathy for you now, more than ever.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Back by popular demand...photos of Landon playing in water!  We had a beautiful day a couple days ago so we whipped out Landon's frog pool (compliments of GaGa and Ma Braisted) and several new bathtoys (thanks to the Goodwin/Bickett clan) and played for a long time.  Don't worry, Aunt Ashley, he was donned with SPF 50 and a sun hat!  He is much more interested in putting water in containers and pouring it OUTSIDE of the pool than actually playing with the water inside the pool.  Still cute nonetheless.  Enjoy!