Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Changing House

I like new changes...generally, only if I am the initiator! One thing I always have loved is revamping homes. I always walk into a house and think about what I could do differently in there to make it look just a little more awesome. I think we've finally settled on the general "look" of our house. Landon's room is still going to be re-painted at some point (to go with our Finding Nemo/Sports theme) and we still have some major furniture purchases that we need to make (i.e. Night tables, couches, patio furniture). But we are super happy with our home and it is just a great place for our family to relax, eat and play in! I just wanted to post some before and after pictures of right before we moved in and the rooms now! Enjoy.

Guest Bath - BEFORE

Guest Bath - AFTER

Kitchen - BEFORE

Kitchen - AFTER

Landon's Room - BEFORE

Landon's Room - AFTER

Master Bath - BEFORE

Master Bath - AFTER

Master Bedroom - BEFORE

Master Bedroom - AFTER

Third Bedroom/Office - BEFORE

Third Bedroom/Office - AFTER

Living Room/Dining Room - BEFORE

Living Room/Dining Room - AFTER

I haven't been totally inspired yet with what to paint on these canvases!

Our family portrait collage that I love!!! (Christmas gift from Mike)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Eye Update

The bump on Landon's head has completely gone away but the black eye remains. It is a beautiful mixture of blue, purple, and yellow. The swelling has gone completely down and it seems as though Landon has escaped any serious repercussions of his tumbling act.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pobrecito :(

Well, it finally happened. Our little guy had a big-time spill.

Unfortunately, Lando is a monkey. He climbs on everything. And apparently, no amounts of "pow-pows" or "time-outs" are going to keep him from doing dangerous stunts. Recently, one of his favorite things to climb on is the back of our futon. He'll climb up the mattress and almost sit on the back of the futon. We'll rush over and tell him no and give him a time-out but as soon as we turn our backs, he does it again. Well, yesterday, our worst nightmare happened. He was climbing the futon and sure enough before anyone could get to him, he came crashing down over the back of the futon onto our tile floors. Thank goodness, I was not there because if I had seen it, the image probably would have haunted me for a long time. And thank goodness, Mike, who is pretty calm in stressful situations, was there to comfort him. He landed right on his head and we think his hand because he has a black eye where we think his hand hit him. We called the doctor and kept a close eye on him.

He was pretty cuddly and didn't want to be put down for about the first two hours as we watched Shrek 2, but after that, he grabbed his cars and played "beep beep" all over the house. So we knew that he was ok. But we did manage to get a couple pictures this morning of his wonderful, developing, black eye. This may be the first but I have a feeling it is NOT the last.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Landon on the Porch

Just another day in the little life of Lando. We were out on the porch doing laundry and playing in the water. He so loves water. I actually got him jabbering on video, finally. He is a talking machine. Most of it doesn't make sense, yet, but I know it will soon. Enjoy! I've watched this video at least three times cause it just makes my heart happy. Awnry little boy. :)

Landon on the Porch from Amanda Braisted on Vimeo.