Friday, January 17, 2014

28 weeks

Welcome to the third trimester!  It isn't long now!  And obviously my belly has transformed from me looking a little "pudgy" around the middle to full blown roundness!  It has been so fun to watch all of these changes.  I know that this is my last pregnancy so I have been trying to enjoy it, remember it, savor it and just all around love every second.  It has made this feel so special.  You almost forget how much of a miracle this process is because of how "common" it is.  But today, I just can't help but be utterly grateful.

I've had a few days of returned sickness after nearly a month without a single symptom.  But I will praise Him even in that!  My back has started to ache from the very obvious growth happening on the front side.  And the lovely shortness of breath that I remember all two well from my first two pregnancies has joined the party as well.  It seems LB's (yes, we have a name, but it shall remain a secret!) favorite place to hang out is under my ribs and up in my lungs.  Fun times!

Landon continues to be totally excited about the pending birth of his brother and Emi continues to be completely disappointed that it is not a girl.  I have a feeling roles will switch though at some point after his birth, when Landon is sick of sharing his room and Emi is still excited to be playing "mom" with her baby brother.

Here's to our final trimester and a healthy little one coming soon!  See you next month!