Thursday, June 28, 2007

Landon is Here!!

We want to let everyone know that Landon Joseph Braisted was born Wednesday, June 27th at 5:15pm. He weighs 8 pounds and is 19 inches long. Landon and Mom are doing great and we are enjoying this beautiful gift from God. Here are a couple of pictures for now and when Mom is feeling better I'm sure there will be more details and pictures to come. Thank you everyone for your prayers!

Baby Landon shortly after birth.

Landon relaxing in the nursery.

Mom, Dad, and Landon Braisted!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Our Trip to Wisconsin

Our trip to Wisconsin was great. We were able to relax and do a lot of fun things with my family one last time as a family of two. We went to a Brewer's game (see picture above) where they lost 7-2 to the Cubbies. Mike and I aren't really very good luck charms apparently. We went out to eat a couple times (my favorite pasttime activity). And had a baby shower (see pics below). We were also able to meet with several members of the Northbrook Church Missions Board over lunch. The discussion went very well and they seemed genuinely interested in supporting Mike and I and our work in the Dominican Republic. It may be a little while before they make a decision, as they are currently seeking a new Mission's pastor.

I hope you enjoy the pics and we will continue keeping you updated as we are getting closer and closer to the arrival of our little guy.

Baby Shower was SOOOOOOOOO good (pretty sure I had more than one piece!)

Sash and Me...with the BEAUTIFUL quilt that she hand-made, and we all thought I was the artistic one

Playing a game of "Guess how huge my tummy is using toilet paper" (many were surprised to hear it was only 11 squares around)

My mama and me...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

36 weeks...Holy Cow!

Yep, I'm HUGE!!!! I just could never imagine that my belly could stretch this much, but sure enough....I officially have a watermelon under my shirt. We have entered our 36th week of pregnancy and it feels like about week 84. The anticipation is mounting with each passing day and my ability to be patient is dwindling. I know, not good, considering the road ahead but I'm sure my patience will improve as I learn to be a mom.

This past weekend, Mike and I went to Wisconsin to visit a church and also to have a baby shower with family and friends. It was an absolute blast and they all went above and beyond when it came to their giving. I feel so much more prepared for this little guy now that we had that shower and I am just so excited to get to put some of those cute little outfits on him. Within one day of receiving our gifts, Mike had already assembled our stroller and baby swing as well as the mobile for the crib. I went right to work washing clothes and bedsheets and making the crib look BABY BEAUTIFUL! We are so excited that we can hardly handle it.

Physically, it's getting a little tough. I've had moms tell me before in order to try and prepare me for this but it's just not the same as going through it yourself. The back pain has probably been the worst but I try and tell myself that "this too shall pass." Getting in and out of bed at night has also become a task, as well as the 15 trips to the restroom in the dark of night. Also a little annoying are the swollen ankles and the body parts that seem to increasingly become numb. I can hardly sit or lay in one position for longer than 15 minutes before my hip or hand or foot fall asleep. All and all, I wouldn't trade it for the world and I'm sure many of you who read this understand exactly what I'm going through. It's all worth it and that will just be confirmed when I hold Landon in my arms for the first time.