Sunday, January 27, 2008

7 months old!

That's right...our boy is 7 months old today! We keep looking at him and thinking he's been with us forever and it's only been a short seven months. He is more of a joy everyday and the more he interacts with us, the more we know that God hand-picked this baby for us. He is doing so many new things every day that it's hard to keep track of. But I'll try and list as many as I can think of.

-He is 26.5 inches long and about 18.5 pounds

-He sits up completely on his own and rarely falls...unless he wants to

-He rolls over front-to-back and back-to-front

-He finally has hair growing into his bald spot on the back of his head

-He eats 4 kinds of fruits and 4 kinds of vegetables (bananas and sweet potatoes are his favs)

-He reaches for people with both arms when he wants them

-He still prefers to be naked over wearing any clothes at all

-He hasn't mastered a sippy cup but loves to drink out of mami and papi's glasses

-He loves to play peek a boo

-He LOVES baby einstein movies and is totally enthralled when other babies come on

-He's beginning to wave if you wave bye bye to him, its more of a hand convulsion

-He steals a drink of coke every now and then and absolutely loves it (I know, I'm an awful mother)

-He has about 6 teeth bumps on his top gums that look like they should come in any time, but who knows

-He sleeps between 10-12 hours a night....straight through (Praise JESUS!) but takes very little naps

-He's beginning to go from the sitting position to on all out, crawling is coming soon, UGH!

-His favorite thing in the whole wide world is staring at himself in a mirror