Wednesday, August 22, 2012

...and they're off!

I am going to pretend that the summer isn't over.  I am also going to pretend that I am not old enough to have two children in school.  I am currently pretending that they are not there now, as I write.

There's a lot of pretending going on in this house today.

No matter what I want to make myself believe, I do indeed have two children sitting in their classes at this very moment.  One in Pre-Kindergarten and the other in Preschool.  I literally can't wrap my mind around it.

Landon had a rough time as usual.  Cried quite a bit once he got to his class.  He was all excited to start school today but it fell apart once he got there.  Let me tell you, if Mike had not been there with me today I would have grabbed him, ran out of that school yard, hugged him and told him he never had to go back again.  Listening to your child cry out your name brings up way too many feelings of bad parenting and abandonment issues.  I can just see him resenting me when he's older.

Emi on the other hand was smooth as pie.  She was a little confused as to what she was doing there with a bunch of strangers but no tears, no problem.

Drama aside, I did take our first day of school pictures and I can't believe how grown up they look.  And I'm still in shock that Emi joined Landon this year.

Here's to lots of learning, less tears and a great school year!